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Call Ukraine


Calling Ukraine from USA, Canada – Ukraine cheapest prepaid phone cards – calling cards discount

Here’s a list of the best prepaid long distance international calling cards / phone cards from America / United States, and Canada, to Ukraine. All calling cards / phone cards listed here are cheap, and offer to our customers the best rates, highest quality, and best connections to Ukraine. offers online through its partners the best deals on prepaid long distance calling cards / phone cards.  Calling card rates for calling from and to USA, Canada, and any country in the world, to and from Ukraine are cheap and start at the lowest rates, with no connection charge calling cards & phone cards

Calling Ukraine from USA
■  Call Ukraine - Nikolaev 6.4¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Cell 10.4¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Dnipropetrovsk 6.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Kharkiv 6.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Kiev 6.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - L'viv 6.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Odessa 6.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine 6.9¢/min

Calling Ukraine from Canada
■  Call Ukraine - Cell 11.4¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Dnipropetrovsk 7.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Kharkiv 7.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Kiev 7.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - L'viv 7.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Nikolaev 7.4¢/min
■  Call Ukraine - Odessa 7.9¢/min
■  Call Ukraine 7.9¢/min

Calling USA from Ukraine
■  Call USA 3.5¢/min

Calling Canada from Ukraine
■  Call Canada 3.4¢/min

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